Call for Art: Cinema Reset, New Orleans Film Festival

Call for Art: Cinema Reset, New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana

Deadline: June 15

NOFF is looking to bring new media installations and experimental media artworks to the 2016 New Orleans Film Festival with an emphasis on virtual reality, video art, 360 video, light / projection mapping, new media performance, interactivity, and outdoor media installation. For consideration, please provide: a written proposal describing your project (no more than 500 words); a list of equipment you are able to provide and any/all specific equipment needs; ideal space requirements, including prospective lighting needs; any video, photos, stills, or sketches of your project.

To apply, please follow the link below to Withoutabox. Scroll down on that page and select “New Media Projects” to submit your application.

Thank you! Don’t hesitate to contact the festival directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Call for Art: Eugene EYESOAK, DC

Call for Art: Eugene EYESOAK, Washington, DC

Deadline: rolling

EugeneEYESOAK is a monthly showcase of contemporary video art and obscure cinema. EE is looking for 2-15 minute entries of original video art. Narrative, documentary, animation, professional reel samples, found footage, music videos, performance art, abstract and experimental forms are all welcome.

Excerpts from longer work are also acceptable, but must be edited to the creator’s ideal upon submission. Videos including music not generated by the creator must also submit proof of permission to use from the musician. The creator retains the copyright of her/his works and may choose to withdraw their work from the screening at any time.

There is no entry fee. In January 2017, one exemplary entry will be awarded The Eugene, a  cash prize of $500.

Call for Art: Mediated, Indiana State University

Call for Art: Mediated: An Urban Projection Event, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN

Deadline: April 22

On May 6, Indiana State University will host an exhibition of digital video and images projected onto urban buildings in downtown Terre Haute, IN. We welcome submissions of any digital imagery dealing with the theme of how technology impacts our relationships to the world around us.

This exhibition is being produced by a group of students studying arts administration. As part of a generation raised with ubiquitous and easily accessible mobile technology, we are interested in the ways phones, social media, and other tools for communication impact and complicate our relationships with others and our world. We are excited to see how other artists are exploring these issues.

All submissions will be included in the exhibit, provided they meet basic guidelines for public viewing.


Call for Art: MUX: Asheville, NC

Call for Art: MUX: Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina

Deadline: December 20, 2015

MUX: Asheville is accepting submissions of video work from national and international applicants for exhibition, Summer 2016, in Asheville, North Carolina. The call for entry accepts single and multi-channel digital video art works, collaborative works, serial works (dependent on total run time), performance for camera, and video installation or sculptural video work (these will be managed as individual cases and will depend on the resources/capabilities of the artist and the exhibition space).

Call for Art: Deep Play Fun House, Seed Space, Track One, Nashville, TN

Call for Art: Deep Play Fun House, Seed Space, Track One, Nashville, TN

Deadline: September 30

Deep Play Fun House is a juried exhibition and installation of videoart works in the expansive Track One warehouse. As an immersive video and sound environment, the viewer defines the narrative sequence by negotiating labyrinthine pathways in a large, formerly industrial environment alongside live sound performances for a one night event on Halloween.

This exhibition is in partnership between Seed Space, the Rymer Gallery, and Track One.