Funding: 7th Annual Manifest Prize, Cincinnati, Ohio

Funding: 7th Annual Manifest Prize, Manifest, Cincinnati, Ohio

Deadline: October 1, 2016

Open to works of any media, any genre/style, any size… One work will be selected for the award, featured in the gallery, and published. Ten semi-finalist works will also be recognized and published.

In 2015 we were excited to announce that the annual Manifest Prize (ONE) award was increasing to $5,000. This underscores our non-profit organization’s strong desire to reward, showcase, celebrate, and document the most exceptional artwork being made today, and to do this in a tasteful non-commercial public context. Further, it is to incentivize the creation of excellent work. Manifest’s mission is centered on championing the importance of quality in visual art. This project is one aspect of the realization of that mission and we are happy our board of directors has approved the continuation of the increased award amount.

With this we opened the project to a nearly year-round submission process, pausing only a couple months to process the jury through a large panel of volunteer jurors from around the U.S. and beyond, and then to select and present the prize winner at the gallery.

The entry process for the 7th annual Manifest Prize award (ONE 7) is now open.

Call for Art: Build, Ceil Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Call for Art: Build, Ceil Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina

Deadline: Aug 21, 2016

Up from the floors, out of the walls, down from the rafters, winding, reaching, arching, grasping — from ants to kings, we love to build. This exhibition will focus on design, structure and the process of building, to include both the functional and the whimsical, mechanical, stick-built or ethereal. Both man-made and organic structures may be featured, although no materials subject to deterioration within a 30 day window will be accepted. Possible materials might include wood, metal, wire, fabric, floss, hard trash, etc. There are no size restrictions; however, space will be a consideration. The gallery includes window space, wall space (sheetrock over brick), open rafters, painted cement flooring, and a rooftop area 20 feet above ground. Please notify us if there are any display restrictions (i.e. not suitable for exterior sites). Both 2-D and 3-D work will be considered. All US artists and artist teams are welcome to apply.

Call for Art: Documentary Photography, Duke University, NC

Call for Art: Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, Durham. NC

Deadline: February 16, 2016

$3,000 prize from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University honors the best documentary writing and photography in alternating years. The focus is on current or recently completed work (within the last five years). The next prize competition will be for photography.

To learn more, go to

Call for Art: Ryan Gibbs Award for Photography, LSU, LA

Call for Art: Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Photography, New Delta Review, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Deadline: October 15, 2015

New Delta Review is now accepting submissions for the third annual Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Photography. For this contest,New Delta Review seeks a series of photographs that will serve as the online cover pages for our journal’s winter issue. Together, the photographs should tell a story, or be centered on a unified theme of the artist’s choosing.