Residency: HUB-BUB, Spartanburg, SC

Residency: HUB-BUB Artist-in-the-Community, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Deadline: June 3rd

HUB-BUB is partnering with the Spartanburg County Public Libraries to host an artist-in-residence for the length of 11 months. The artist’s time will be divided between their own artistic projects and a generous amount of community work with the Spartanburg County Public Libraries.

The library itself provides a safe public space for engaging a wide demographic of the Spartanburg community. The community work can span everything from classes, workshops, curation, art projects featuring members of the community, etc. The requirements are flexible to allow for creative freedom and because all work will be guided and supported by a Projects Committee made up of employees of the two host organizations.

The resident will be expected to dedicate 20 hours a week to their community work. During the first weeks of the residency this may be as simple as attending community events and meeting leaders from various sectors in Spartanburg.

The artist’s living expenses will be covered, including an apartment, all utilities, and a monthly stipend of $750.

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