Call for Art: Dank Memes, Savannah, GA

Call for Art: Dank Memes: Stories of Cultural Viruses, Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, Georgia

Deadline: June 12, 2016

Dank Memes: Stories of Cultural Viruses, An Epidemic of Imaginary Proportions.

When Richard Dawkins first coined the word “meme” in 1976, he gave examples which included melodies, catch phrases, fashion trends and even the technology of building arches. Put simply, memes are cultural viruses; they’re ideas spread throughout our collective consciousness with a speed we can scarcely observe. As memes mutate and shift — seeding and replicating in the minds of ever-growing numbers of people — their popularity and trending lifespan become signposts which define broader cultural moments. Those memes which worm their way into the minds of the many are the best, the funniest, the dopest — the dankest. But do they also reveal our swelling tendency to shut off our brains and simply let the virus flow in?

Non-Fiction Gallery invites you to dig deep and decode the cultural viruses that live in you: show us your dank memes.!/dankmemes/

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