Call for Art: Photography at Modern East Gallery, Nashville, TN

Call for Art- Photography at Modern East Gallery, Nashville, TN

Deadline: none published but asap

Call for photography artist submissions!

The artists that we represent are chosen based on various criteria and all decisions are made by Jen and Brandon. We strive to make the best decision for both the gallery and the artist.

Here are some tips for contacting us:

1. Emailed submissions are preferred. Submit to:

2. If you have a website, please include the URL. If you do not have a website or images accessible online, please send small image files.

3. Please include size, medium, pricing, exhibition history and public and private collections as applicable. Artist statements, personal history and philosophy as it relates to your work is welcomed as well.

4. List all current gallery affiliations, and any past exhibitions.

5. If you have a personal contact with the gallery; a friend of ours or one of our artists, please mention it.

Happy shooting!

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